Our Journey

In 2017, Paul and Pahorany Howard wanted an authentic Montessori bed for their daughter, Josephine. But the floor beds they tested were flimsy and tough to assemble. Some even had chemical-based paints, rough edges, and dangerous construction. As a professional carpenter for nearly 20 years, Paul knew he could do better. So, he grabbed his sketchbook, headed into the shop, and emerged with a prototype for iiNook – a more intelligent, independent Montessori bed.

A safe place to rest

The durable “house” structure gives your child a safe place to rest. It’s their own special nook, where they can sleep, dream, and play, then freely explore the (child-proofed) room. Our beds promote the Montessori principle of independence, but they’re also designed to look great in your home. We love minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired interiors, and we believe that form and function can play beautifully together.